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TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Explained

What is TWS?

TWS, or True Wireless Stereo, is a wireless technology that allows two Bluetooth devices to pair with each other and transfer sound. This tech has opened up new opportunities for wireless products such as earphones and speakers. Earphones can pair with each other without the need for wires - a true wireless connection. Speakers are also able to pair with each other and can create an immersive sound when placed in an appropriate orientation.

How does it work?

A TWS connection works by connecting two audio devices to each other, such as two earbuds, to create a stereo sound. This means that the left earbud takes on the left channel of sound, while the right earbud takes on the right channel of sound. Hence the name, True Wireless Stereo. Once these are connected to each other, one earbud will take on the "primary" role, while the other earbud takes the "secondary" role. The primary earbud can now connect to an audio device via Bluetooth, such as a mobile phone, and the audio from the device will be sent to both earbuds to create a stereo sound.

What Moki products use TWS?

Moki has released a family of TWS earphones and TWS-enabled speakers, including two IPX7 waterproof options. The new range of Moki speakers are abled to be paired with each other (same model pairing) to create an immersive soundscape. Double the speakers, double the sound! The Moki range of TWS earphones are completely wireless and automatically pair with each once taken out of their ChargeDock. Here is a list of the Moki products that utilise TWS technology:


TWS Speakers

• Mojo IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Rumblr Waterproof Wireless Speaker

• Street Party Wireless Speaker + TWS

• Block Party Wireless Speaker + TWS


TWS Earphones

• MokiBuds TWS Earphones

• MokiPods Mini TWS Earphones

• MokiPods TWS Earphones

MokiFit True Wireless Stereo Earphones