ANC G-2 Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones


Say hello to Moki ANC Noise Cancelling Headphones!

Block out the chaos of travel and immerse yourself in blissful silence or your favorite tunes. With superior comfort and top-notch noise cancellation, these headphones are your go-to travel companion. Experience tranquility wherever you go with our ANC headphones featuring 32dB noise cancellation, offering the versatility of wired or wireless use, and complete with a carry case, Type-C charging cable, and audio cable with in-line microphone for ultimate convenience.

Utilising high quality quality components and speaker drivers, these headphones provide crystal-clear audio playback and deliver a detailed soundscape across a wide range of frequencies. Meaning you can enjoy your music and podcasts with great audio quality.

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Foldable design allows for compact storage
  • Ergonomically designed for extended use
  • Low profile control buttons
  • Carry case included

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